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Dropping Loads Episode 90: Strip Club Rolodex

In this episode, Milky and Paco return from Orlando with tales of bad DJs and jello shots. Pouch suddenly enjoys Sweden and its wonderful people. Milky comes up with a new theme song for Paco’s Taco. Paco almost forgets a Taco and Pouch picks up the slack.

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Dropping Loads Episode 89: I’m Gonna Make You Tasty

In this episode, Ness returns with a new installment of Metal Ness, where he adds a new feature: recommending a band from a different country. Pouch is completely awestruck by the possibility of a head transplant, while Milky seems interested in a ride that is supposed to simulate […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 88: I Got Nightmares

In this episode, Paco returns and regales the boys with a classy tale of public urination. Milky is unimpressed with a new type of glass urn, while Pouch is unexpectedly horrified by a Taco.

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Dropping Loads Episode 87: Dropping Pure BS – The Brodown Part 1

In this episode, the boys are joined by Fred Dorst, BigBigDickSteve, and Devon from Pure BS Podcast and the BS Podcast Network to do battle in an epic crossover special. Find out who will triumph over the other with their knowledge of immature subjects.

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