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Dropping Loads Episode 83: The Cheese or the Tree

In this episode, Paco returns to barely catch the boys up on recent events, but still manages to scare the bejesus out of Milky and Pouch in a new cannibal edition of Paco’s Tacos. Pouch can’t seem to get any legitimate news stories. Celebrate National Have Sex with […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 82: ┬┐Donde esta el Metal, Pouch? Featuring Mia Khalifa

In this episode, newly promoted Semi-Permanent, Ness returns to introduce his new Metal Ness segment focusing on news in the Metal world. The boys welcome Pornhub sensation Mia Khalif to talk about her early life, her career, and her favorite movies.

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Dropping Loads Episode 81: I Get to Dis Pimpin’ When Dis Pimpin’ is Ready

In this episode, SPJ returns and shares his dream of being a voice model and new voice of Siri. Milky wants to help SPJ achieve his dream. SPJ continues preaching the pimp by reviewing the Citizen Kane of pimp movies,┬áBoss’n Up in the newest Semi-Plot.

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