Dropping Loads

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Dropping Loads Episode 63: Are You Going to Touch My Feet or Not?

In this episode, Pouch shares a story about his feet and a stranger. Milky gets upset about a young Floridian joy rider and maintains his obsession with the World Cup. Paco brings some more Tacos, but Pouch attempts to steal her segment.

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Dropping Loads Productions: Loaded Donuts

Dorkie decides to make some donuts through some unconventional means. Pouch notices that some loads may have been dropped where they shouldn’t have been.

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Dropping Loads Episode 62: Massive Dump

In this episode, Paco brings tales of drunken mishaps, one of which Pouch utterly dismisses. Milky is embarrassed with his encounter with John Carpenter. Pouch brings some more Loads of FUN, while Paco returns with some tasty Tacos.

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Dropping Loads Episode 61: Bay-Hem

In this episode, the boys clamor for sponsorship as they begin plugging advertisements for everything they love. Jon disapproves of Pouch’s reckless jaywalking. Milky explains the importance of Landon Donovan to Pouch. The boys lament the loss of Edgar Wright from Marvel’s Ant-Man.

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