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Dropping Loads Episode 50: Satan Claws – 50th Episode Spectacular

In this episode, DLP celebrates the 50th episode by pulling a round robin episode, featuring three different semi-permanents switching off after each of their own special segments. Jon is fascinated by WWE’s brilliant marketing scheme to incorporate brawling Santas, Maria tells a tale of a food-worshipping family, while […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 49: Rich Son of God featuring Lance Manion

In this episode, author Lance Manion returns to pimp his new book, “The Trembling Fist.” The boys discuss the savior in all His glory, while slowly conceptualizing a new sitcom about the messiah’s misadventures. Pouch is afraid of offending this culture obsessed with political correctness, while Milky simply […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 48: Eww featuring Jeremiah of Bombad Radio

In this episode, Jeremiah of Bombad Radio joins the DLP boys to school them in all things podcasting and show his distaste of many things. Pouch is determined to make their special guest laugh, while Milky mandates the use of toenail clippers.

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Dropping Loads Episode 47: You’re Commending a Serial Killer!

In this episode, the DLP boys discuss the new studio and the paranormal residents living within it. Milky promotes logic. while Paco denies it. Pouch goes mad and brings another spooky edition of Get a Load of This. The boys discuss the death of Brian Griffin and the […]

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