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Dropping Loads Productions: DVD Load-Down #16 – Chuck and Buck

Pouch here. Do I owe you guys an explanation for all the skip weeks and schedule changes? Probably. It’s due in large part to me. I have a steady job now that has a very inconvenient schedule that truly limits how much time I can spend on this goofy shit. […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 39: I Gotta Poop

In this episode, Random Guy Serge returns to update us on a familiar incestuous idiot, while Pouch comes to the idiot’s defense. Newly-hired Pouch comes to us from his place of work with tales of an obsessed, yet mysterious, caller and reveals the results of his investigation.

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Dropping Loads Episode 38: I Live Bicuriously

In this episode, Jon has beef with his Internet service provider. Pouch is put in a situation that stumps him. Milky has an encounter with the homeless, while Jon and Milky deconstruct Pouch in an impromptu therapy session.

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