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Dropping Loads Productions: Pure White

Pouch here. Last week, we scrambled for something to shoot and as a result we kinda rushed the writing of this here sketch that I’m about to present. We had some problems with the ending, especially considering our last DVD Load-Down featured a dream sequence as well. But here’s our […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 37: Chewbacca Hates You

In this episode, Milky laments living among Floridians. Maria shares more stories of nudity from the photo department. Pouch refuses to believe that pregnant boys would deter unsafe sex. The guys discuss nap time and how Chewbacca is a douche.

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Dropping Loads Episode 36: Superpig

In this episode, Milky tries to pitch the brand-new comic “The Adventures of Superpig.” Maria reminisces on how her parents tried to substitute every major holiday figure with Jesus, while Milky explains how Jesus didn’t believe in himself.

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Dropping Loads Productions: DVD Load-Down #15 – Nightmare

Pouch here. Yeah, we’re late on this one, shit happens. We have lives too and although it’s mostly comprised of doing silly shit like this, there is other stuff that ends up getting in the way. This time, it was a lot of scheduling issues, more so than usual because […]

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