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Dropping Loads Episode 35: Illegal Chicken Tunnels

In this episode. Eugene heads up a conversation about the implications of smuggling fried chicken, Jon dubs climate change the biggest pimp and gives impromptu reviews on Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness. Then, the boys ponder about Xbox One and Silly Billy Gates. WARNING: IRON […]

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HipsterWay Bloopers

Pouch here. Remember how I said that we had more fun than we probably should have on the set of HipsterWay? Well, we got soo much funny footage of us improvising and/or messing up that we felt that it’d be such a waste to leave it on the cutting room […]

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Dropping Loads Productions: HipsterWay

Pouch here. Today, I’ve got yet another infomercial for you guys, but trust me, this was not by design. Originally written 7 years ago by a wee little Milky, I updated it to better reflect modern times. You’ll be glad I did, but the last one wasn’t the most politically […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 34: Driving While Asian

In this episode, Pouch’s old friend Paul weighs in on stereotypes and the Florida man. Milky reveals his almost encyclopedic knowledge of Asians, while Pouch discusses Michael Bay’s latest venture, Pain and Gain.

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