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Dropping Loads Productions: DVD Load-Down #11 – Roadracers

Hey, guys. Pouch here. Last time we did a DVD Load-Down, we had to pull one out of our asses because unforeseen circumstances prevented us from shooting the sketch that would eventually become Father Knows Best. (Here’s some inside info: The script for Father Knows Best was complete around late […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 25: Everyone’s Fooled Around with their Cousin

In this episode, the DLP boys welcome back Langston, who continues to bring the podcast to awkward silences with his tales of gay revelry and cousin play. The boys discuss temperament, personality, and the spectrum of morality as well as sex education.

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Dropping Loads Productions: Father Knows Best

Pouch here. It looks like we’re finally back on a regular schedule. This week, we’ve got a brand new sketch entitled Father Knows Best. If you hadn’t noticed yet, a lot of the contributors here are of Asian descent, so we enjoy the occasional Asian stereotype joke. Tiger Balm being […]

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