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Dropping Loads Episode 22: Depressed for the Holidays

In this episode, Milky and Pouch welcome Random Guy Serge to the Pre-Thanksgiving proceedings. The boys talk Hostess, Necrophilia, and sex toys, while Milky invalidates Pouch’s article as well as his arguments against Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey.

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Dropping Loads Episode 21: Anything Goes in the Graveyard

In this episode, the Bitches and Maria sit in to discuss when breasts are too big, the sculpting of genitals on tombstones, and Pouch’s wild night out. The DLP boys ponder the many uses of feces. Also, Pouch professes his admiration for a teenage idiot.

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Dropping Loads Productions: Intruder!

Hey, guys. Halloween has come and gone, but DROPTOBER isn’t quite finished yet! For those of you who couldn’t be bothered to watch our DVD Load-Downs for the month of DROPTOBER, we’ve made it that much more easier for you to watch our epic four-part horror-comedy sketch entitled “Intruder!” by […]

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