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Dropping Loads Episode 8: Hit It

In this episode, Jon ponders a question about smoke, Eugene introduces a segment that can make you money and maximize profit, we revisit Dave’s Urban Dictionary game for Loads of FUN, and we discover that Dave doesn’t know the difference between Germany and Greece.

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Dropping Loads Episode 7: Cream Lantern

In this episode, the boys train in the Metal Police Academy, celebrate the birthday of our favorite action star Steven Seagal by discussing his many achievements, two games for the price of one in Loads of FUN, and Jon remains completely devoted to a certain joke. This episode […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 6: Milky the Explorer

In this episode, the boys trek on without a vital semi-permanent cast member, discuss the implications of Easter Sunday, find out the extent of how stupid cops can be, talk about paranormal experiences, and announce some cool stuff coming your way.

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Dropping Loads Episode 5: The Unbiblical Cord

In this episode of Dropping Loads, we discuss teenage prudes, Ponch’s weird and somehow gay dreams of having sex with Red Hot Chili Peppers band members, skydiving, and Milky¬†brings a new game that helps us figure out what Dave does all day on his days off.

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